Dienstag, 23. April 2013

EloQuence Loves To Bang! - ILTB!#6

Episode #6 of the "I Love To Bang!" official and exclusive mixtape series on ilovetobang.blogspot.com This time with Future Techno by EloQuence!

Maximum beats, gnarly synthesizer sounds and sophisticated sets from vinyl - Eloquence lives up to what he promises. No autosync, no master tempo, everything is put together live!
In his home city of Freiburg he is already an resident in many locations where he fills the idyllic city with heavy beats at night. Eloquence also launched a series of events. With his project "OHRKLANG" he regularly invites national and international artists to his parties in the south of Germany.
He already played alongside the likes of Marten Horger (Smash Hifi / Ex-Army Booky) Westbam (Love Parade / mayday) and Malente (No Brainer Records).

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eloquencedj
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/eloquence

Genre: Future Techno

EloQuence Loves To Bang! - ILTB!#6 by I Love To Bang!


(1) Intro: "Acid war eigentlicht Prototechno"
(2) Clouds - Cracks in your Face, do they hurt?
(3) Crackboy - User
(4) Just Regular Guys - What we Do
(5) Audionite - Whats the Count (Shadow Dancer 8000 and Rising Remix)
(6) Clouds - Optic
(7) Claude van Stroke & Kry Wolf - Turbosteppa
(8) Pilo - Forte Inductance
(9) Attaque - Blinded by the Moonlight (Just Regurlar Guys Remix)
(10) Obi Blanche - 72 Hours (NT89 Remix)
(11) Panteros666 - Planetary Wifi (Monsieur Monsier Remix)
(12) Pandaro - Any Time
(13) Alex Metric, Charlie XCX - End of World (TWR72 Remix)
(14) Eats Everything - Tric Trac
(15) Outro

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