Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Kasper Bjørke - DJ Weekly Podcast

Genre: House, Deep House, Electronica

DJ Weekly Podcast: Kasper Bjørke by djmag

1: Chymera: Isa (Mark E Remix)
2: Smallpeople: Nofretete
3: Axel Boman: Look at what you have done to me
4: Vosper & Bozwell: Music For The Lost and Dead
5: Chinawoman: Party Girl (Gluteus Maximus Bootleg)
6: Black Strobe: The Girl From The Bayou (Rambla Boys Remix)
7: Red Axes: Silver Bed
8: Ana Helder: Beating PC
9: Weird Guilders: Sentimental Journey
10: Saschienne: Grand Cru (Pachanga Boys Remix)
11: Rebolledo: Positivisimo (Kasper Bjørke Remix)
12: Surahn: Watching The World (Prins Tomas DiskoMix

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