Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Golden Toys Love To Bang! - ILTB!#4

Episode #4 of the "I Love To Bang!" official and exclusive mixtape series on with raving and banging bass and electro sounds from Golden Toys! (thanks a lot!)

RAVE RAVE RAVE!!! … the crowd is screa­ming, jum­ping – swea­ting once the Ger­man mad­ness en­ters the stage!
The plea­s­ant chao­tic bro­thers Golden Toys have been per­for­ming in Ger­ma­ny for the last seven years and now will be brin­ging the Rave to the rest of Eu­ro­pe!
Their mu­si­cal style is crazy and co­lour­full! En­fu­sing sounds, all that can be squee­zed into dir­ty-​elec­tro, bet­ween squeak and noise, Eigh­ties, Pop and R&B.

Don´t miss an awe­so­me show of fre­aky­ness and per­fec­tion and start a Rave with Gol­den Toys!

Genre: Bass, Electro, Rave

Golden Toys Love To Bang! - ILTB!#4 by I Love To Bang!


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