Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Gesaffelstein b2b The Hacker - Special Zone Label @ Laura Leishman Project (2012.10.12 - Le Mouv')

Genre: Techno

Gesaffelstein b2b The Hacker - Special Zone Label @ Laura Leishman Project (2012.10.12 - Le Mouv') by Tracklistings

01. Kraftwerk - News [Capitol Records Inc.]
02. Dopplereffekt ‎- Myon-Neutrino [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
03. Polygon Window (Aphex Twin) - Polygon Window [Warp Records]
04. Anthony Rother - Destroy Him My Robots
05. Codes - Waiting For The Signal
06. I-f - Secret Desire (Vox) [Disko B]
07. Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes) [Mute Records]
08. Instra:mental - Voyeur
09. The Hacker - White Funk [Correspondant]
10. The Eyes In The Heat - Blood (Daniel Avery Remix)
11. Jimmy Edgar - This One's For The Children [Hotflush Recordings]
12. Offset - Subversive (Original Mix)
13. NT89 - Positive (Mikron Remix)
14. ID
15. Butane - Hey Hispsters
16. Boddika - Acid Battery [K7 Records]
17. Maelstrom - USSR (The Hacker Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
18. The Horrorist - One Night In NYC (Original Mix) [Things To Come Records]
19. Kraftwerk - Uranium [Capitol Records Inc.]


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