Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Reckless Radio with Hexadecimal ft. Elite Force

Stilrichtung: Electro, Breaks, Dubstep

Reckless with Hexadecimal Ft ELITE FORCE by hexadecimal



01 Sangers & Ra – Life (Rocket Pimp Remix)
02 Alex Preston & Attack Attack Attack – Starlight (Original Mix)
03 Rebel Sketchy – Up & Down (DJ Hero Remix)
04 Knife Party – Rage Valley (The Boomzers Remix)


05 The Japanese Popstars – Matter of Time (Original Mix)
06 Lumi – Taste of Life (Yolanda Be Cool Remix)
07 More Than Just a Martian (Alex Preston Remix)
08 Ways & Means – Kids (Meat Katie Remix)
09 The Netz – My My Hey Hey (Bruno Motta Remix)
10 Plump DJs - A Hip House Experiment (Original Mix)
11 Moby - After (Bonsai Kat Remix)
12 Herve - Make it Right (Fire Flowerz Remix)
13 This is Massive - Shock Top (Original Mix)
14 Far Too Loud – Firestorm (Original Mix)


15 Intro 
(Extract from Tron) 

16 Come Together 
(Elite Force, Primal Scream, Deadmau5, Herve) 

17 Midnight Party Hustle 
(Elite Force, Missy Elliot, Flinch) 

18 Fly Life 2011 
(Elite Force, Basement Jaxx, Switch, Joss Stone) 

19 Fenaton Demented 
(Elite Force, Umek) 

20 Rumour 
(Elite Force, Adele) 

21 Swoon Anthem 
(Elite Force, Chemical Brothers, Miles Dyson) 

22 Return 2 Sierra 
(Elite Force, Darth & Vader, Mt. Eden) 

23 Calypsoul 
(Elite Force, Reset!) 

24 Cracked 
(Elite Force, Stanton Warriors, Freestylers, Belle Humble, Ctrl-Z) 

25 Lick The Scratch 
(Elite Force, Thomas Bangalter, Mord Fustang) 

26 No Brain 
(Elite Force, Etienne de Crecy, Wolfgang Gartner) 

27 Modulated 
(Elite Force, Zoo Brazil) 

28 Der Collossus 
(Elite Force, Daft Punk, Ftampa) 

29 Turn it Around 
(Elite Force, Coven, Dirtyloud) 

30 Watch Out 
(Elite Force, Doctor P) 

31 Society Suicides 
(Elite Force) 

32 Cinema 
(Elite Force, Benny Benassi, Skrillex) 

33 No One 
(Elite Force, Muse, Culprate, Nostalgia) 

34 Got 2 Know This Way 
(Elite Force, Flux Pavillion, Nero, Ajapai)


35 Zedd – Spectrum (Bogusdank & Electrode Remix)

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